Great Wishford Parish Council


2017 Annual Assembly



On Friday 12th May 2017


The meeting commenced at 7.00pm.

There were seven persons present with Mr Tom Nash in the Chair.






The minutes of the last Annual Assembly on May 20th 2016 were agreed and signed


Chairman’s Report

The Parish Council met six times in the past year 2016/17.

The precept this year has remained at £4500.

The long anticipated 20mph scheme for the village has been delayed for financial reasons but we are assured that it is still in the pipe line and we hope to see it implemented soon. In the meantime we will continue to pursue the matter on your behalf.


Parking continues to be an issue around the school as parents commute to the village with their children. Parking along West Street is particularly problematic as cars are left opposite the junction with South Street making manoeuvring very difficult and reducing visibility and larger vehicles struggle to pass the parked cars, affecting local businesses.


This year we are saying goodbye to two of our long standing Parish councillors who are standing down after many years of service. Sheena Grearson and Diana Ridgley have been serving our community for 22 years and 23 years respectively and Diana Ridgley also chaired the Parish council for more than a decade. We are very grateful for their many years of hard work and dedication to the village and wish them well in the future.


We are also saying a fond farewell to Councillor Ian West who has been a great support to Great Wishford Parish Council and advocate for the issues affecting the village. Most recently he was instrumental in securing the decision for the village to be made a 20mph zone. I know that Ian has also acted on behalf of many families and individuals in the area over the years and has earned our great respect and gratitude. We look forward to working closely with Councillor Darren Henry who has already made great efforts to get to know the village and the issues affecting us.


The Parish Council would like to thank Tim Wilton for generously running our website, his time and expertise are kindly provided free of charge. Our website is co-hosted with South Newton in order to share costs and provide best value for money for both Councils.


We are very pleased to see the Royal Oak pub’s continued success and wish them a happy first anniversary. The Parish council has pledged to contribute generously to the defibrillator fund raising effort which the Royal Oak has initiated and we hope they reach their target soon.


S137 payments have remained the same with payments of £50 each being paid to

Good Companions Club, Wilton and District Day Centre, Grovely Preschool, Oak Apple Club, Wilton and district Link scheme and Wiltshire Air Ambulance.


I would like to express my thanks to all the Parish Councillors and the Parish Clerk for their efforts and support during the year.


Wishford United Charities

Ms Staples delivered the annual Income and expenditure account for the year ending 31st December 2016. The total value, less property stands at £54.569.16. One of the houses has been fitted with central heating and been redecorated, there is now a new resident. The second home is to be improved this year.


Parish Police Report

PCSO Maria Downham submitted the following report :-


Amesbury Police has seen some big changes in the last year, with new sergeants as well as new inspectors and later on in 2016 a different way of policing and changing from Neighbourhood Policing to Community Policing.

On October 17th the new CPT policing model came in and all officers including the PCSO’s became part of a bigger team with dedicated officers for each area. PCSO’s retained responsibility for their old beat areas from NPT.


I think you can see from the results below the increased numbers for the teams on tackling local issues such as the patrols listed below are an improvement on something Shona and Ivor would have tackled on their own before.


Hare Coursing

This priority commenced back on 20th October 2016. This was to tackle the Hare Coursing complaints across the plain. Some arrests were made and in total 195 actions/patrols took place. The Priority closed down on 1st April 2017, however patrols will continue in line with a new priority which commenced on 24th March 2017.


Off Road Motorbikes/Vehicles Salisbury Plain

A new priority commenced on 24th March to work with other agencies like RMP, MOD and SPTA to deal with vehicles misusing Salisbury Plain. The purpose of this priority is to educate and enforce Anti-Social driving on Salisbury Plain (MOD Land). To date 74 patrols/actions have taken place. An operation took place on Sunday 7th May with the RMP, Special Constabulary and SPTA; I am currently awaiting the results of this operation.


Theft from Motor Vehicles

This priority is ongoing, patrols are directed more towards the beauty spot areas. To date 185 actions/patrols have taken place. Media work has been carried out to give crime prevention advice to the public. Applications have gone to Area Boards to ask for funding to arrange for signs to be purchased to be placed at Beauty Sport areas across the patch to warn motorists about leaving valuables on show in their vehicles.


Crimes for the Year – Great Wishford


10th August 2016 – South Street – Couple left B&B without paying.

16th January 2017 – Station Road – Two batteries Stolen from electric Fence.

Criminal Damage

27th April 2016 – South street – Damage to car wing mirror.

28th august 2016 – Bonham Close – Car Bonnet scratched.

22nd October 2016 – Manor farm Lane – Crops in field driven over.

Vehicles Offences

4th June 2016 – New Buildings – Car window smashed and handbag taken.

18th December 2016 – Grovely road – Car window smashed and Handbag taken.

Road related offence

20th October 2016 – South Street – Damage to side of vehicle whilst parked.

31st December 2016 – Royal Oak – Male arrested after fail to stop RTC and positive for driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.


Any Other Business

A resident reported that problems continue with vehicles parking at the junction of South and West Street. There was much discussion about actions that could be taken but the decision was taken that involvement of the children in an art competition to support the 20mph scheme could also advise parents that parking in some areas was not sensible.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.40pm


Download Minutes (as pdf)